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Make your own command line functions in #SSH #Bash on #IBMi. Migrate off the 5250 already!

Just an example of how you can start migrating from the 5250 to SSH

Create aliases to various commands that you use.  Even create commands greater than 10 characters! lol

Other files to put in your /home/USER/ directory to unleash the power of the shell

Shout out to @tweetjbh for the ideas!

Run DB2 SQL from the command line in SSH in a Bash shell on IBMi

Aliases in unix are used to make it easier to run commands that are long or hard to remember.  Below is an example of how to create an alias to run DB2 SQL

WARNING! – This is just an experiment and you might want to add some security to this to make sure that sql injection and other things don’t occur.

Shout out to @tweetjbh for the ideas!

Who is Rogue Wave Software?

Well that’s the first question that came to my head when i found they were going to acquire Zend.  Below are some links to dive deeper into understanding what they do and offer.  It looks like they are a real good fit for PHP’s future and High-Performance computing.




Andi Guttman’s Linkedin message:


Klockwork – tool helps “developers create more secure and reliable software by analysing source code on-the-fly, simplifying peer code reviews, and extending the life of complex software.” –
IBM’s ILOG Visualization for C++ Products
Acumem – “performance tuning tools for single- and multi-threaded applications”  –
TotalView Debugger – insights into debugging high-performance computing (HPC) and supercomputing applications. –
Visual Numerics: advanced analytics software

Zend Acquisition PR

Geek Time’s Article

Wow! look at whats coming for #IBMi TR11 TR3 #db2 #sql

IBMi Software Announcement: Complete info from IBM

  1. IBM i Access Client Solutions has “Run SQL” interface
    • “Run SQL” scripts was previously only available in the Windows Client (System i Navigator / System i Access for Windows).
  2. Web Sockets w/ Apache level 2.4.12
    • allows for real-time communication.  A lot of chat applications, and real time collaboration apps are using Web Sockets because of the server’s connection to the client.
    • Learn more here
  3. Free-form RPG is no longer forced to columns 8 – 80.
  4. Zend Server for IBM i 8.5 (5639-ZC1)

DB2 for I new features and enhancements

    • ASSOCIATE LOCATOR for processing result sets from a remote db.
    • LOCATE_IN_STRING() – SQL Function –  Find a string inside a string. (PHP devs think strpos)
    • OVERLAY() – SQL Function – easily insert a string/variable inside a string (PHP devs think sprintf but not exactly)
    • Viewing Record locks or Object Locks in SQL by utilizing the DB2 for i services

Other New features:

  1. Open Source tools now included
    1. GCC, Git, .zip, .tar, bash, Python 2.7, and many others in Open Source for IBM i (5733-OPS)
  2. Integrated Web Services (IWS) server makes it easy to open your ILE objects up to webservices done in SOAP or REST


DB2 for i services

System Lock

Record Lock