Rename a Column in DB2 for IBM i

Below is some SQL that can be used to rename a column by dropping the column and adding the new column name.  Do realize that this will make you lose the data in the OLDCOLUMNNAME field so you’ll want to create a backup and re-populate the new field using the backup.

Note: If you get Error code -952, SQL state 57014: [SQL0952] Processing of the SQL statement ended. Reason code 10. Its because the ALTER TABLE will result in data loss. The database is trying to warn you and wants you to confirm deletion but jdbc can’t handle the prompt. I’m unsure if there is a JDBC option to always say yes to the prompt. You may have to run this in a 5250 session with STRSQL

Alternatively you could also use the command below

You would just need to create the DDS in the source file member MYTABLE that changes the column

3 thoughts on “Rename a Column in DB2 for IBM i

  1. Xantar

    Or if IBM i DB2 supported the ALTER TABLE RENAME command like every other database in the world (including DB2 for LUW) you wouldn’t have to kill your developer productivity with these hacks!


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