Compiling #PHP7 from source on #IBMi PASE (#AIX)

Note: this is currently is a draft and is not meant to be used yet.  Many things that I’m looking to clean up and simplify.  There may be things that don’t work so only do this on a development system that you aren’t worried about it being fubar’d

Step 1 – Have SSH access to an IBM i or get a Litmis space IBM i container

  1. If you already have an IBM i you can make sure you have SSH enabled by going through this tutorial
    Watch out for any gotchas by looking here:
  2. If you don’t have an IBM i you can sign up at for a litmis space container.  Use the promo code “BETA”
  3. Sign up with your Github, Linkedin or Google+ account
  4. After signing in setup your litmis container. (Note: you can only have 1 container unless you decide to purchase an account).
  5. Click the shell icon “>_” to get into a SSH window inside your browser.  Alternatively you can find the information for your account and use your SSH client of choice.

Step 2 – Get the PHP Source and prerequisite binaries, run configure and make to compile

Step 3 – Compiling and setting up the Webserver (Nginx or Apache)

Step 4 – Compiling IBM DB2 PHP Extension Module


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