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Whats going to change when I update PHP on IBM i. PHPinfo is a clue

e Here’s a great little script to see whats going to change when you update PHP on IBM i.  It compares the phpinfo from your production site to your new instance of PHP.  This way you can scroll down and take note of specific differences to PHP.  This isn’t all the changes so there’s more to check but can get you pretty far.

There is an issue with library lists if your using the PDO_IBM driver.

Disable Z-Ray on PHP on IBM i
Edit the file /usr/local/zendphp7/etc/conf.d/zray.ini and change zray.enable=1 to zray.enable=0

; Enable Z-Ray
; zray.enable=1

Quickly install ZS9.1 PHP 7.1.3 on your IBM i

I created this simple short shell script to download the current version of Zend Server for IBM i.  Unzip the downloaded zip file and then securely copy the save file to the savf ZENDPHP7 in the QGPL library.  Then we send a remote system command to submit a job to batch to silently restore the savf file.  You’ll have to wait for the batch job to run but afterward it finishes ZS9.1 will be installed in /usr/local/zendphp7

#get the shell script from the gist
#modify the user name and IBM i name
#Add execute permission to the owner of the file
chmod o+x
#run the shell script
./ Source