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Quick and Simple way to install Bash on IBMi w/ local files

UPDATE 6.27.2016: If you rather install from a PTF check 5733-OPS opt 7 PTF SI61062 else learn to install it from Perzl’s site

Follow the steps below to install Bash

1. Download and unzip download-2.01-PHPDave.tar.zip locally and upload download-2.01-PHPDave.tar.zip to /QOpenSys on the IBMi

2. Open a 5250 session and run CALL QP2TERM.  We’ll extract the tar.zip file and it will create a download directory that will store all our open source binaries (such as Bash).  In QP2Term shell run:
cd /QOpenSys
tar -xf download-2.01-PHPDave.tar.zip
cd download

3. We’ll execute setup2.sh which installs various utilities needed to run wwwperzl.sh.  In QP2TERM and in directory: /QOpenSys/download run

#give the user, execute permission on setup2.sh
chmod u+x setup2.sh

4. Download bash (bash-4.3-16.aix5.1.ppc.rpm) and upload it to /QOpenSys/download/www.oss4aix.org/rpmdb/db

5. Download bash dependencies (bash-4.3-16.aix5.1.ppc.deps) and upload it to /QOpenSys/download/www.oss4aix.org/rpmdb/deplists/aix61

6. We’ll now get bash installed. In QP2TERM and in directory: /QOpenSys/download run

./wwwperzl.sh aix61 rpm1 bash-4.3

7. Bash should now be available!!! at the following directory: /QOpenSys/opt/freeware/bin/bash .  SSH into your ibmi and run /QOpenSys/opt/freeware/bin/bash.   Tips on setting up SSH for IBMi


1. view other bash versions here if you want a different version: ftp://www.oss4aix.org/RPMS/bash/

2. view other bash deps here if you want a different version: ftp://www.oss4aix.org/rpmdb/deplists/

3. View this image to determine which aixXX to use when running ./wwwperzl.sh aixXX rpm1 bash-4.3

4. You used to have to Download http://yips.idevcloud.com/wiki/uploads/PASE/setup2.sh and http://yips.idevcloud.com/wiki/uploads/PASE/wwwperzl.sh and upload setup2.sh and wwwperzl.sh to /QOpenSys/download but i’ve included that in the zip file




Whats in setup2.sh and wwwperzl.sh