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Safely Uninstalling Zend Core for i5 OS version 2.6.0 or less, without messing up Zend Server

Now that Zend Server for IBM i is running on our systems we’ve decided to clean up Zend Core and uninstall it.  To uninstall it there is 3 steps to follow:

1. Remove Zend Platform (Required to upgrade Zend Core)

2. Update Zend Core to a version of 2.6.1 or greater using an installer file and not a Zend Core Components update.

3. Remove Zend Core


– The installer file can be obtain only from Zend support.

– Uninstalling an earlier version will remove profiles used by Zend Server for IBM i

Determining your Zend Core Version

To determine what version of Zend Core you’re  running run the following I5 commands:



Page Down until you find 1ZCORE5.  If the describition is Zend Core for IBM i5/OS (2.6.0)  or less you will have to upgrade Zend Core before installing it

Uninstalling Zend Platform

Run the Delete Licensed Program (DLTLICPGM) command on the i5 command line:


Updating Zend Core to 2.6.1+

1. Have Zend Support send Zend Core 2.6.1 by emailing Mike Pavlak or download it here.
A. Note knowledge base article http://kb.zend.com/index.php?View=entry&EntryID=488, “The installer is no longer available on our web site. Please contact Zend Support to get a copy of the installer for Zend Core for i5/OS 2.6.1. ”
2. The windows installers FTP process failed fore me so the SAVF file had to be ftp’d to the i5 and ran
A. Create a savf file on the i5
i. crtsavf savefiles/zcoresavf
B. FTP the file to the i5 from your windows machine
i. Run cmd
ii. cd to directory with file to upload
iii. ftp <servername>
iv. enter username
v. enter password
vi. cd savefiles
vii. binary
viii. put zcoresavf zcoresavf
C. prepare for upgrade
i. rename the directories /usr/local/Zend and /www/zendcore to different names
ii. end Zend Core Subsystem and Apache instance

D. Run restore license program
ii. If error message “Waiting for reply to message on message queue QSYSOPR.” – Sign in with another session and run:
a. dspmsg qsysopr
iii. If your getting directory not registered, rename the directories /usr/local/Zend and /www/zendcore to different names

iv. Rename /usr/local/Zend back in case you were using the Zend Framework

Uninstalling Zend Core 2.6.1 or better

Simply make sure theres no locks and run delete license program:




KB article noting that the installer file is no longer available on the Zend website and the installer must be obtained from Zend Support

Forum on how to uninstall zend core

Delete Zend Platform info

Delete Zend Core info

Zend Core components downlaod (NOTE: this is just to upgrade components and will not make your Zend Core safe to un-install, you need the installer file from Zend Support)


Migrating from Zend Core for I to Zend Server for IBM I – My Experience

I’m currently working on migrating from Zend Core 2.6.0 to Zender Server 5.6  for IBM I.  Big thanks to Alan Seiden who has some very helpful blog posts on this topic.  I’d recommend checking out:




Here’s my tip from migrating:

  1. If you were using the I5_* functions for database connections you can continue using AURA equipments toolkit, but I think long term you’d be better off using PHP db2_* functions.  Do not use the Zend Framework’s DB2 class since the db2_bind param doesn’t work.  The ZF team can’t implement it to work correctly right now and probably never will in the future.  I’ve been waiting 3 years now for them to make a change…
  2. Use http://as400:2001/HTTPAdmin to change the apache config for Zend Server and to start/stop the server
  3. You’ll need to trasfer your files from /www/zendcore to /www/zendsrv
  4. Give Permissions to QTMHHTTP.
    Run STRQSH
    cd /www/zendsvr/htdocs
    chmod –R 770
    chown -R qtmhhttp
  5. Modify the http.conf file and compare your old conf file to see if changes need to made
  6. #–Check your system CCSID value ( dspsysval qccsid). if the value is 65535 then add the following two directives to Apache configuration file (/www/zendsvr/conf/httpd.conf) and then Stop and Start Apache:
    DefaultFsCCSID 37
    CGIJobCCSID 37
  7. Edit the php.ini file and add a different session path (edit /usr/local/zendsvr/etc/php.ini)
    session.save_path = “/tmp/ZS”
  8. Change scripts that reference www/zendcore to www/zendsvr
  9.  Recreate any NFS mounts since files might have moved into /www/zendsvr
  10. IF your using Zend Framework you might want to continue using the old version that Zend Core had, so modify your php.ini file include path to include it and not include the new version which is currently 1.11.10
    include_path = “.:/usr/local/Zend/ZendFramework/library:/usr/local/zendsvr/share/pear:/usr/local/ZendSvr/share/ToolkitApi”
Benefits of upgrading from Zend Core:
  1. PERFORMANCE!  I’m seeing scripts running between 18%-400% faster.  One script used to take 40 seconds now only takes 8 seconds.
  2. Only 1 apache configuration to worry about now
  3. Latest PHP